Past Events

Prior meetings, speakers and topics are listed below:

05/16/2012- Context for Results, Kathleen Carie
09/19/2012- Health Care Act, John Montgomery, Albers & Co.
10/17/2012- Core Networking Skills, Barbara Mitchell Briner
11/14/2012- Tools & Beneficiaries, Mark Reinhardt
12/05/2012- Tax Update, Gary Stirbis
01/16/2013- Ethics, Bill Whitman
02/20/2013- Investment and Savings, Lynda Livingston
03/20/2013- Good to Great, Cary Campen
04/17/2013- IFRS, Paula Wilson
05/15/2013- Creative Retirement Plan Designs, Tony Panagiotu
09/18/2013- Critical Networking Skills, Scott Jensen
10/16/2013- ERP Systems, Art Olsen
11/20/2013- Strengthfinders, Dannielle Manning
01/29/2014- Ethics, Brad Reich
02/19/2014- Being Financially Successful and Significant, Bridget Burgess
04/16/2014- Managing through Change, Sue Rakes
05/21/2014- Turbulence, Leon Grunberg and Sarah Moore
09/17/2014- Making your Workplace more Fulfilling, Stephanie Owens
10/15/2014- Retaining Good Employees, Agnes Furst
11/19/2014- Auditors Views on Inventory and 2014 tax Incentives, Craig Mayers & Holly Repp
01/21/2015- Fraud Impact and Investigation, Tiffany Couch
02/18/2015- Internal Controls and Detecting & Preventing Fraud, Sherrie Ard
04/20/2016- Ethics, Sean Maygra
05/18/2016- Employee Retention, Christine Donathan & Nick Coughran
10/19/2016- The Business of Cannabis, Rick Garza
11/16/2016- Cyber Security, Joe Nathans
02/15/2017- Ethics, Angela McCaskill & Dawne Swanson
03/15/2017- Northwest Seaport Alliance, Erin Galeno
05/10/2017- Forensic Case Study, James Peet